Wheel Alignment Service

If your car is proving difficult to drive and is unable to stop or take off safely, you may be suffering from mis-aligned wheels. Poor wheel alignment results in your tyres wearing far quicker than normal which can cost you time and money in regular replacements. A wheel alignment check uncovers problems such as these and seeks to rectify them by correcting the angle that all of your wheels face towards.

A wheel alignment is part of a standard car maintenance routine. It consists of adjusting the wheels to be aligned completely parallel with each other. With all four wheels facing the exact same way, you can see a marked decrease in overall tyre wear as well as a smoother ride on all surfaces. Routine wheel alignment also extends the life of your vehicle’s steering and suspension systems.

Wheel Alignment

Moreover, it can also decrease the amount of fuel your car uses on a daily basis.

With your tyres in line with the road, the reduction in over all resistance provides greater fuel efficiency over medium to long distances.

Colliding with even a small pothole or uneven bump on the road can cause your wheels to fall out of alignment. That’s why it’s important to seek regular checks on your wheels to make sure that they are running smoothly while you drive.

Wheel Alignment

What Is Wheel Alignment?

Wheel Alignment also known "tyre geometry," ensures that all four wheels are pointing in the same direction. It extends the life of the tire, preventing uneven floor wear. The wrong alignment can be caused by several factors: bumps, holes, brakes, or even normal wear.

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Why is wheel alignment so important for car safety?

Perfectly aligned wheels will prevent your car from moving to one side or another as you drive. This ensures that even if you are distracted for a moment while driving, your vehicle will never veer off to the wrong side of the road and cause a serious accident.

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Is wheel alignment expensive?

Typically, a full wheel alignment is relatively inexpensive. This is compared to the potential costs of repairs to damage done to your steering and suspension by misaligned wheels, as well as the unnecessary wear on your tyres causing them to need more frequent replacement.

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How often should I have my wheels aligned?

Typically, a wheel alignment should be conducted in conjunction with a routine service on your car. If, however you believe that your wheels are noticeably out of alignment, our staff at AVR Automotive are always ready to perform a full wheel alignment on your vehicle.

When should I take my vehicle in for a wheel alignment?

Outside of regular servicing, you should have a wheel alignment conducted when your vehicle has been affected by the following:

  • A collision or accident
  • Has hit a large pothole or driven over a large bump
  • After the purchase of new tyres
  • If you feel the vehicle veering either left or right consistently while driving
  • After the replacement of the suspension or steering
  • If you believe your tyres are wearing far too quickly

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