Vehicle Cooling System

Optimum engine temperature is crucial to the effective running of your car. Queensland is known for its hot summers and it’s important that you take proper care of your car to ensure that it can stand up to high temperature days. In the event that your engine cooling fails, a cascade effect of engine wide collapse may end up costing you thousands in repair bills. We specialise in performing radiator and cooling system checks that safeguard your vehicle against unforeseen problems as the temperature rises.

Our expert technicians at AVR Automotive have lived and worked in the Brisbane area for years, so we know how important it is to protect our customers against potential engine breakdowns related to heat or other types of stress on your cooling system.

Radiator and System Cooling Service

During our comprehensive radiator and cooling service, we perform the following checks

  • A routine maintenance check on your cooling system functioning
  • Repair or replacement of parts if they are deemed to be causing cooling problems
  • A full flush and refill of your cooling system
  • A multi-stage pressure test to check the structural integrity of your radiator
  • A coolant cycling test and an antifreeze test

To ensure that your cooling system isn’t at risk of failure, be sure to look out for the following symptoms:

  • Temperature control in the vehicle cabin feels ineffective
  • Higher than normal readings on dashboard temperature gauge
  • Unusual changes in coolant or antifreeze levels
  • Strange odours traced back to the radiator or cooling system
  • Coolant leakage
  • Irregular coolant loss while driving
  • Defrosting systems forming fog on windows
Cooling System Problems
Wheel Alignment


Repeated heating and cooling of the antifreeze in your car radiator causes it to break down naturally over time.
Regular measuring and top-ups help ensure that your engine is protected from the threat of serious corrosion and untimely breakdown due to excess heat generation. To maintain peak efficiency, you should always include an antifreeze check in your regular car servicing plan.

Suspension and Steering Services

Cooling fan

Just like a household fan, your vehicle cooling fan draws in air and uses it to cool down certain parts of the engine. Contrary to popular belief, a faulty or malfunctioning cooling fan isn’t just a danger in extreme heat or cold.
Even on a mild day, a broken cooling fan can cause your engine to overheat and can leave you looking at a hefty repair bill. Our cooling system experts at AVR Automotive are always ready to help repair and maintain your vehicle cooling system, saving you from unforeseen costs year-round.

Car Batteries

Radiator Leaks

Even a tiny crack in your radiator can result in big headaches if left alone for too long. Over time your radiator naturally deteriorates as the viscous fluids within it move around and corrode the insides of the system. It’s important as your car ages to have both your radiator, as well as the hoses connected to it checked for leaks regularly. Without proper care your car risks overheating and potential engine failure, something we see far too often at AVR Automotive.

We perform a cooling system fill and flush service. This entails flushing water through the cooling system to remove clogs, draining and refilling of antifreeze in the radiator.

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