Suspension Lift Kit Installation for 4WD

If you’re into serious off-roading, it’s time to give your vehicle an upgrade. A suspension lift kit fitted by AVR Automotive will improve the ride of your 4WD and provide you with a more comfortable 4WDing experience.

Just because you’re roughing it doesn’t mean your back and glutes should have to, contact AVR today and find out what a suspension lift kit can add to your next adventure.

Suspension Lift Kit Installation

Why is my 4WD so low when it comes out of the factory?

You’re committed to adding a bit more clearance to your vehicle, but why is your 4WD so low to the ground in the first place? To put it simply, manufacturers build their cars with two things in mind, cost efficiency and part longevity. To achieve this, they look to create mechanical systems that are uniform across the entire vehicle.

Deliberately setting your vehicle low puts less pressure on the components within your car and causes them to wear out less quickly.

So why would I want to lift my 4WD if it’s going to wear it out faster?

That’s where a suspension lift kit comes in. This acts as both the problem and the cure for your 4WD. It raises the vehicle which would normally cause more wear, if not for the differential created by the suspension lift. The differential offsets the pressure created by the change in height and voila! Your 4WD sits higher with no additional wear.

Fitting a suspension lift kit is always a breeze at AVR Automotive. Source your own or let us supply one for you at no extra cost and then install it quickly and easily. We choose our lift kits based on three factors, quality, performance and affordability. Once your kit is fitted, you’re ready to enjoy your next 4WD getaway.

What are the benefits of installing a suspension lift kit for your 4WD?


A lift kit does exactly what it says on the tin. It lifts your car up further from the ground. This is particularly helpful when travelling through slightly dense scrub or bodies of water.


A lift kit makes ascending and descending rocky or muddy terrain a breeze. With a more rounded articulation, the ride of your 4WD feels more comfortable even on the most unstable ground.


A lift kit makes fitting bigger tyres easier. Although these tyres won’t necessarily increase performance on regular ground, it opens up the possibility of travelling across more treacherous terrain such as sand or snow.


A lift kit makes working on your 4WD in the field far easier. Higher clearance means more access to the underbelly of your vehicle without the need of a jack, so you can perform field repairs on the fly.

If you don’t know the right suspension lift for your 4WD, the highly trained technicians at AVR automotive are here to help. We will go over the options available to you, and help you to decide. Then we’ll install the perfect kit without compromising your safety.

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