Fleet Management

Fleet vehicles are important to the everyday operations of many companies, whether these are trucks or cars, they all require upkeep. The service and repair of fleet vehicles comes with the additional cost of taking drivers and vehicles out of work. This may negatively impact your profitability and service levels. 

Maintaining your fleet vehicles is a critical component of your business. Outsourcing your business fleet management service to AVR Automotive will make it simpler. We will handle your business fleet vehicles. This will allow you to concentrate on your core business, increasing your efficiency and turnaround time. Consider us your partners in success. Make your business more profitable and prosperous by allowing AVR Automotive to manage your fleet.

Fleet Solutions

We can help you to improve your fleet productivity.

We do this by keeping your repairs and maintenance at a cost-effective level, while maintaining maximum uptime for the vehicle and driver. We can offer you this through a combination of comprehensive repair and maintenance services, unrivalled buying power and vehicle-generated data for better analysis and decisions.

The AVR Automotive fleet management solution is tailored to meet your needs. Our fleet programs will help you to control expenses. They will remove the administrative burden of reviewing costs and repairs. With our expert maintenance coverage behind you, your business and drivers can focus on quality service delivery

From routine service to emergency repairs, we will offer you a guiding hand. AVR Automotive unique fleet management solutions will assist with budgeting and eliminate unpredictable vehicle expense. There are many tailored programs aimed at assisting with repair management, roadside assistance, maintaining compliance and reducing downtime. 

Full Maintenance

Your business fleet maintenance strategy should align with the financial and business strategies of your organisation. AVR full fleet solutions are one sure way to prevent your business from the unpredictable nature of fleet repairs and maintenance expenses. We allow for a customizable solution that allows a fixed cost of operation. This service includes fleet reports, emergency repairs, scheduled service and more. And all these services at a predictable monthly cost.

Why you should opt for our full maintenance program

  • Minimize your driver and vehicle downtime with our fast repair network
  • Minimize the time you spend on accounts payable and fleet administration
  • Insulate yourself from unplanned fleet expenses with a predictable monthly cost

Reserve Maintenance

Our reserve maintenance program allows for one fixed payment every month. All bills are reconciled and account balance at the end of each lease term. Overages are returned to you, and amount payable is collected once at the end of the lease term. Our reserve maintenance allows for cost budgeting and simplicity.

Why you should opt for our reserve fleet maintenance program

  • Monthly payment is fixed
  • Easy accounting and reconciliation, as all invoices are reconciled and consolidated monthly
  • Use your preferred local and top national maintenance provider
  • Eliminate unnecessary expense with our experts reviewing and certifying your repairs.

Tailored Maintenance

We like you to have the option of having things your way. This is why our tailored maintenance program allows you to custom build your preferred fleet solution. If you have special needs such as up-fitted vehicles or specialty vehicles, our tailored maintenance program allows us to build a fleet solution geared to meet those needs.

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