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We can accommodate one car, or your entire business fleet!

At AVR Automotive, the aim of our business is to provide servicing options that combine hassle free automotive care, with excellent affordability. We try our best to have your car back on the road as soon as possible and specialise in tailoring our services to meet the unique needs of your vehicle model and the issues it’s experiencing. Below are some of the services we carry out every day in our garage, but feel free to contact us to find out more.

Car Service Brendale
Wheel Alignment

You never know what hazards even your daily commute will throw at you. From dangerous drivers to unexpected wildlife encounters, your brakes need to perform the second you hit the pedal. Our brake specialists at AVR will ensure that if you need to slow down suddenly, your brakes will keep the lives of both you and the ones in your car safe.

Oil Service

Flashing lights on the dashboard should never be ignored, especially if they relate to any part of your engine. Our state-of-the-art diagnostic tools can isolate an issue quickly, saving you time and money where the only other option might have been to pull your engine apart and find out what’s wrong manually.

Car Batteries

Car batteries’ have a knack for failing at the worst possible time. At AVR Automotive, we offer routine checks, as well as competitively priced replacements if the need should arise. You’ll never have to worry about getting stuck in the middle of nowhere again!

Suspension and Steering Services

Poorly aligned wheels aren’t just a risk for your car, they can put everyone else on the road in danger. We recommend having your steering checked at least once a year and if needed, book in for a wheel alignment with our expert technicians at AVR Automotive.

4WD Touring

Just like the other liquids in your car, over time your transmission fluid begins to foul with use and can begin to harm your car rather than help it. A regular flush-out performed by our mechanics will keep your car running smoothly.

Car Services

Anti-lock brakes prevent your wheels from locking if you happen to decelerate quickly. They do this by controlling the pressure applied to the brake during an emergency stop. Like with most complex pieces of machinery, there’s far more individual parts that can fail over time, putting the lives of those in your car at risk. We perform routine checks on anti-lock brake systems every single day and pride ourselves on helping our customers maintain the safety features installed in their vehicles.

Suspension and Steering Services

A blocked or congested air filter will accelerate the wear on your engine and cause poor performance, leading to an overall increase in fuel consumption. Contrary to popular belief, air filters should never be cleaned with compressed air or wiped down and then placed back in the engine. Blocking microcontaminants is the purpose of an air filter and simple cleaning will not remove these from a used filter.

Car Repairs

Shock absorbers work to soften the impact of bumps as you drive along a road. Over time and regular use, your shock absorbers will naturally wear out and require replacement to ensure that every drive is comfortable for you and your passengers.
We encourage you use this simple test to find out whether your shock absorbers need replacing. Compress each corner of your car and see how it reacts as it springs back into place when you let go. If your car moves steadily back to its original position, your shocks are in fine condition. If your car springs back and forth on each side of its original position like it’s on a jumping castle, your shocks are worn out and need replacing. If you’re unsure about the result of this test or just want the hassle taken out of your car maintenance. Contact our friendly staff at AVR Automotive and we’ll do the hard work for you.

Why your car needs regular service

Cars are expensive and you want to get the most out of them throughout their lifespan. Regular servicing is proven to save money in the long term, as it safeguards your vehicle against common problems that affect thousands of cars every single day.

The difference between those cars and yours is probably that they weren’t serviced nearly as often, and they didn’t have the friendly staff at AVR Automotive making sure that every part is checked over thoroughly before it leaves our garage.

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