Car Air Conditioning Service

If your car air conditioning system isn’t keeping you and your passengers comfortable, it’s time to visit AVR Automotive and have your air-con checked by the professionals. Every year we service hundreds of A/C systems, keeping car owners cool even throughout the hottest summer days.

Our air conditioning service includes all the necessary checks and maintenance to keep it running at peak performance levels. We even make sure to thoroughly test that your air conditioning system can maintain a steady temperature over a set period of time before we return your vehicle, giving you complete peace of mind.

Car Air-Conditioning Service

Signs That Your Air Conditioner May be Faulty

  • Odd smells when the air con is turned on
  • Inability of your air con to maintain a steady temperature
  • Fog forming on your windscreen while in defrost mode
  • Unusual sounds when the aircon is running
  • Hot air blowing from the air con regardless of current settings

Our certified technicians check the following

  • A thorough check of the compressor drive belt to identify potential damage
  • Leak detection throughout key parts of the air conditioning system
  • Checks for mould and bacterial growth within your air conditioning system
  • A thorough check of pipes, hoses and lines leading to and from your air con

Based on this information, we perform the following repairs

  • A full flush and replacement of the refrigerants in your air conditioning system
  • Repair or replacement of any faulty hoses, pipes or components within your system
  • A gas recharge of your air conditioning system
  • Observation and close monitoring of your air con system to ensure that any problems have been fixed

Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner May Not Be Cooling Well Enough

A vehicle without a properly operating air conditioning system is very uncomfortable, particularly in the hot summer months.
Get it repaired and keep your cool.

Wheel Alignment

Weak Compressor

A slow build-up of pressure will delay adequate cooling for you and the passengers in your car. This can be easily diagnosed with a simple pressure test before we recommend ways of repairing any problems.

Suspension and Steering Services

The outside air flap is not closing

This can cause unnecessary stress on your air conditioning system, as it draws in too much hot air and fails to cool it down.

Car Batteries

Heater Coolant valve not completely closing

This can cause excess heat generation as the hot coolants running through the system put unnecessary strain on the air conditioning system as it works to cool down the cabin.

4WD Touring

Faulty Radiator Fan

A malfunctioning radiator fan won’t just cause engine overheating. It will also affect the airflow available to your air conditioning system, which slows down the overall cooling process and puts undue stress on your air con to keep up with the desired temperature inside the cabin.

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