Car Battery Services

A failing car battery can lead to all sorts of electrical faults that are difficult to diagnose and costly to repair. Consider a scenario where two cars in our workshop are sitting side by side. The first car won’t turn over or turns over slowly and the second car has a very erratic transmission. So, which one needs a new battery?

From this analogy, it can be difficult to tell. It might be the first or it might be the second.

In truth, both cars probably have a battery related problem, which emphasises why it’s so important to have regular battery checks conducted on your car. A point to note is that the first car still turned over eventually even though it has a serious battery problem. This highlights how a faulty battery can still perform well enough to run your car, just not as effectively as a fully functioning battery would.

Car Batteries
Car Batteries

It’s insight like this that makes AVR Automotive your preferred mechanics for all battery related issues. We look deeper into every problem and try to trace the faults in your car back to their root cause as quickly as possible.

We’re proactive in the way we solve problems. If we suspect something is seriously wrong with your battery, we’ll check whether a dummy replacement does the job before recommending a range of high-quality brands to replace your old faulty battery.

If we can, we’ll always try to fix the problem without resorting to a replacement, but more often than not once a car battery has gone there’s no way to bring it back. We’ll even store and dispose of your old battery appropriately, saving you time and a costly trip to your local landfill.

Busting some important myths about car batteries

Many sources state that the lifespan of a car battery is around six years. But much like any other component within your car, through frequent use and a lack of regular maintenance, this lifespan can be significantly shortened.

That’s why it’s important to have regular checks done to your battery, to ensure that it lasts as long as possible and keeps a little more cash in your pocket.

The impact of weather

Temperature extremes can influence the life and performance of your battery. Some car batteries hold a charge using a liquid electrolyte system. Basically, this means that hot or cold weather can have a significant impact on the solution inside your battery. If you’ve been outside on an average Queensland summer day, you can probably guess that your battery may be exposed to hotter than average temperatures for a considerable amount of each year. That’s why we recommend to all our customers throughout Brisbane to be proactive about the health and stability of their car battery.

Try to never leave your car in full sunlight and park it under a carport or inside a garage as often as possible. For more information about possible battery solutions that deal better with hot weather, contact our friendly staff at AVR Automotive for advice about getting the most out of a car battery during its lifespan.

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