4WD Brake System Service

The brakes on your 4WD are far more important than for regular on-road vehicles. When travelling through the bush, you need your rig to perform the moment something unexpected happens.

Whether it’s a kangaroo hopping across the road or a sudden bend in the track, if you hit the brakes you need to know that your 4WD will come to a complete halt moments later.

4WD Brakes and Machining

How does the brake system on your 4WD work?

From the moment you compress the brake pedal, a complex set of mechanical actions is set in motion within your vehicle. To simplify the process, the brake pads make contact with the brake rotor which causes friction and should bring your car to a complete halt.

Even in that simplified example we’ve already highlighted three potential parts that could malfunction and completely negate the ability of your car to come to a stop. Your brake pedal might not be tuned properly, resulting in a failure to stop even when pushed completely to the floor. Your brake pads might be ill fitted or worn, failing to provide adequate friction. Your brake rotor might be out of alignment with your pads, meaning that a less than adequate amount of its surface area is being used in the braking process.

The brakes in your 4WD are your safety net and you need the proper expertise to ensure that this safety net remains intact throughout your outback getaway. Our team at AVR Automotive make it their mission to ensure that every 4WDing holiday is safe for everyone involved. We service brakes on 4WDs daily, so we know what to look out for when your braking system needs a tune up.

The following signs may indicate that your 4WD brakes need some work:

  • Your 4WD vibrates during braking
  • Your 4WD moves unaided to one side during braking
  • A distinct burning smell remains after medium to heavy braking
  • Your brake pedal feels different than usual
  • There is a distinct lack of braking pressure
  • Your car is slower than normal to stop
  • The brake pedal vibrates and bounces when not compressed
  • Your brakes are leaking small amounts of fluid consistently

A test we like to encourage our customers to try is one that we’ve come to call "The car park test". Simply drive into a carpark at your local shopping centre when it’s mostly deserted.

Use this empty space to test your brakes by accelerating safely then coming to a complete stop. If you detect any of the problems listed above, it’s time to contact the experts at AVR Automotive.

How much does a brake service cost?

Your 4WD is made up of several complex component parts that can be repaired individually. We do not bill customers online or over a phone call. You bring your 4WD to the workshop where a comprehensive vehicle brake system audit will be carried out to identify the faults and damages. With this, you’ll get an estimate of what it will entail to make your 4WD safe again.

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