Wheel And Tyre Services

Your tyres play a crucial role in keeping you and your passengers safe on the road. As your tyres wear down, they begin to provide far less traction on even the steadiest of surfaces, placing the lives of you and your loved ones at risk every single time you drive.

 Simply checking the tread of your tyres regularly may not reveal many of the common problems that cause your tyres to stop providing adequate traction while travelling. Misaligned or poorly fitted tyres are just as dangerous as if they were worn down but may not be immediately apparent to the untrained eye.

We take vehicle safety incredibly seriously at AVR Automotive, that’s why we encourage all of our customers to seek regular checks on their tyres to make sure that their vehicle isn’t unsafe to drive.

Wheels and Tyres

We’re the experts who look deeper into every problem affecting your car:

Irregular lumps or bubbles on the wall of your tyres may indicate the potential for a blowout. Losing a tyre while travelling at high speeds can be potentially deadly if you are unable to regain control of your car quickly enough to avoid a crash.

Our qualified mechanics inspect, rotate and balance your tyres, just as the manufacturers of your make and model of car recommend. We then advise you on whether your car needs replacements and provide advice on the tyres that will provide the best quality and most value for your money.

If every single Australian had their tyres regularly checked by a qualified mechanic, the potential for catastrophic crashes would drop significantly. At AVR Automotive we don’t want to see anyone throughout the North Brisbane region become part of the yearly road toll statistic, so we encourage you to trust us with servicing your tyres and ensuring the safety of you and your loved ones today.

The following tips will help keep your tyres rolling trouble free between services:

Wheel Alignment

Keep your tyres properly inflated

Even over the course of a month your tyres can lose a significant amount of air. This affects not only how your car handles but how quickly it can come to a stop on harder terrain. A regular top up at your local service station will keep your tyres in better condition, prolonging their life in the process.

Suspension and Steering Services

Seek regular tyre checks during routine car servicing

If your current mechanic isn’t including a tyre check in your servicing plan, it’s time to make the switch to an automotive expert who cares about your safety. At AVR, all of our standard servicing includes a comprehensive tyre check, because we don’t let a car leave our garage if we think it may be unsafe for its occupants.

Tyre and Wheel

Check for excessive or uneven wear on your tyres at home

If you can see clearly that your tyres are worn, chances are it’s time for a replacement. Contact your friendly Brendale mechanics at AVR Automotive to schedule an appointment today.

Having your tyres properly rotated, inflated and aligned will help save you money.

Better serviced tyres cut down on fuel use and last longer compared to tyres that haven’t been looked over by an expert.
At AVR Automotive we like to save our customers money wherever we can, that’s why we’re the preferred mechanics for tyre care in Brendale.

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