4WD Touring Services

Australia is an absolutely stunning country, with so many unspoiled natural treasures to find and explore. But to see the real beauty of this rugged land, you have to get off the beaten track and drive down the road less travelled.

4WDing is the perfect way to explore Australia’s one of a kind landscapes and proves to be an increasingly popular pastime as cities expand and the suburbs crawl outwards.

Finding a 4WD off the factory floor that fits your needs perfectly is almost impossible, and you need professionals with the expertise necessary to help you design and adjust your rig to meet any challenge.

We modify 4WDs daily, turning them into comfortable, self-sufficient machines that provide the ultimate adventure experience no matter how far afield you may travel.

4WD Touring Services

Here’s some things to consider before you start your next 4WD adventure

Wheel Alignment

Your 4WD Must Make You Happy

When you spend a considerable amount of time in your 4WD, you may find that there are certain aspects that annoy and frustrate you. Identify the annoyances and make the necessary adjustments. If the tent, for instance, is difficult to set up, you may find that the effort required is irksome. Lack of space to fit all of your camping gear could be a problem. If your touring requirements are known up front you could choose the 4WD that better suits your lifestyle and touring requirements. There are plenty of tools and accessories available to kit your 4WD for every occasion.

Suspension and Steering Services

Your 4WD Must Be Self-Sufficient

Exploring Australia on your 4WD may involve taking a walk away from civilization for days. If your 4WD can sustain you during this period, then it is self-sufficient. Self-sufficiency includes ablutions, sleeping facilities, food preparation, motor vehicle repair kits and more. When the need for repairs arises, you must be able to get your 4WD back on the road by yourself. You should travel with a full set of filters, clamps and hoses. Distances in the Australian interior are vast and the roads are quiet. If you regularly have to deal with problems with your 4WD, your holiday will be spoilt. If you’re an avid off-roader you will want to leave civilization behind you, and hit the dirt tracks for days at a time.

Car Batteries

Food Preparation and Cooking

An important part of 4WD touring is the ability to prepare tasty, healthy food with ease. Some campers prefer cooking over the fire, while others use gas burners to prepare their meals. Whatever your cooking choice, the ability to cook and tidy up with ease forms a critical aspect of enjoying your tour.

4WD Touring

Comfortable and Easy Sleeping Arrangements

The easiest way to ruin a 4WD tour is having a bad night’s rest. More so if it happens every night. Your 4WD touring should allow you to spend the night in comfort, to wake up refreshed in the morning.

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