If your vehicle is starting to handle poorly, taking longer to stop, making noises while turning or veering to one side, these are common problems of a suspension issue.

Your suspension is designed to keep your tyres firmly on the road and to be responsive and sharp when making any quick changes in response to driving conditions.

If you are experiencing any of these issues you can be placing yourself, your passengers and other road users at risk.

We carry only reliable brands and are completely trained in the detection of faults and top advice for your particular driving situation.

From daily commuters to performance upgrades and 4WD applications, we have the knowledge to set you up.

Our car Suspension Services include;

  • Towing and load carrying upgrades.
  • Suspension bush fitting and alignment modifications.
  • Anti-lift/sway performance parts.
  • Sports lowered suspension.

Our 4wd Suspension Services include

  • Comfort suspension modifications and systems.
  • Suspension bush repairs and alignment modifications.
  • Heavy load upgrades.
  • Steering upgrades.
  • Suspension lift modifications.
  • 4WD touring packages.
  • Total 4WD suspension solutions and enhancements.