A high temperature indication on your dashboard is generally your first sign that something is wrong with your radiator / cooling system.

Your radiators main aspect is to lessen heat throughout the engine and as such, heighten engine performance. If your car is running hot and your leaving puddles of water/coolant all over the place, you need to get this fixed immediately! Failure to do so will lead to very serious issues including corrosion, broken and/or warped engines and even complete engine failure. The costs can be quite large.

Our radiator/cooling system servicing includes correct coolant and radiator flushing, checking all system hoses for leaks (we now provide the hoses in-house!), checking the water pump, thermostat and inspecting the radiator fan.

The main reason for a radiator to overheat normally lies with a blockage which prevents coolant from reaching the radiator. Other possible causes are that your cars thermostat is faulty, the system has a lot of debris in it causing bottle necks or simply your fan has stopped working.

The team at AVR will get you back on the road quickly and keep your vehicle cool.

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