Through normal driving conditions and over time, small amounts of carbon and other gunk accumulate on your vehicles fuel injectors. At some point, this accumulation will reduce fuel flowing freely resulting in the engine to run lean.

Most modern fuels now do have additives to reduce or even clean injectors, but there is a limit to what they can achieve.

If your vehicle starts to run poorly, stalls, starts to consume more fuel, the fuel injectors may well be the issue.

A part of our overall servicing includes diagnostic inspection of the injectors to identify any problems such as, spray patterns, leaks and either mechanical or electrical damage.

AVR Automotive are able to complete all fuel injection systems with ultrasound equipment.

  1. Acceptable, although weak.
  2. BAD - split spray pattern
  3. BAD - split spray pattern
  4. BAD - jetting on left side
  5. GOOD  (AVR Serviced)
  6. BAD - feathering at top of spray