You're cruising along, everything is good, you push the clutch in and nothing happens! Not good.

A whirring or grinding noise could also indicate bearings may need to be replaced. Having a basic understanding on how your clutch works can help you identify any issues regarding this component.

For example, when you release and engage the clutch the entire action should be smooth . If the clutch feels like it is grabbing or even shuddering, this can indicate several issues. Leaked oil on the clutch, which can come from normal oil leaks or even faulty gaskets and seals is another common fault.

A defective clutch could make the vehicle extremely difficult to drive, if not impossible. This component is another critical part that will deteriorate quickly and can lead to expensive repairs.

AVR Automotive's technicians are qualified and well trained in clutch service and repairs. We can also provide upgrades for both towing and performance applications.