Brake hoses can sometimes be overlooked when servicing your car or 4WD.

Today’s new vehicles are fitted almost exclusively with rubber brake hoses. Traditionally, brake hoses were considered to have a service life of around six years.

Rubber brake hoses can deteriorate from the inside as well as the outside and as such, sometimes avoid detection. Swelling of the interior wall due to age or restrictive flow can occur and may let you down when you need it the most. We recommend that rubber brake hoses be replaced every 10 years as a safety precaution.

Instead of replacing your rubber brake hoses, you may opt to improve braking response and brake pedal control by upgrading your rubber brake hoses to stainless steel braided brake hoses.
Braided brake hoses are available in an assortment of colours and can be custom made to your preferences.

At AVR, we have the equipment in-house to manufacture stainless steel braided brake hoses to suit your vehicle. We also stock a large range of fittings to suit most makes and models, allowing us to supply these on a daily basis.

All of our rubber and braided brake hoses are DOT approved and tested to 3000psi – ensuring you and your family’s safety.