Does your car pull to the side or are you experiencing unusual vibration? You may need to have a wheel alignment.

Your vehicle wheel alignment is set at the factory and through normal use it can slowly go out of specification.  Obstacles and road hazards speed up this process of misalignment, such as driving over bumps on the road surface, driving through pot holes and bumping kerbs and gutters.

A proper alignment squares the cars wheels and axles with each other so that they are moving in the same direction. Wheel alignments can be crucial to tyre life, handling and safety. With the facilities to perform wheel alignments in house, we are able to ensure that your entire suspension system is operating correctly and avoid expensive reactive maintenance that can be caused by undiagnosed alignment and suspension issues.

Your vehicle might need a wheel alignment if:

  • You can feel vibration when steering.
  • The steering wheel is off centre.
  • Your tyres are wearing unevenly.

A wheel alignment check at AVR Automotive consists of:

  • Full inspection of the suspension and steering components.
  • Tyre checks for signs of wear, pressure and tread.
  • Comparison of your tyre alignment to automobile manufacturer rules.